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Testing the concept that a picture is worth a pile of words, this online book takes a look at Blackjack and Card Counting using 145 charts. Simple concepts through advanced techniques are examined. The book won't teach you a Blackjack "system." A hundred such books exist. (For a full, free 540-page book that teaches Blackjack from the ground up, see Free Blackjack Book.) The idea here is to demonstrate the mechanics of Blackjack focusing on the vulnerabilities of both the house and the player. Graphs are used instead of tables of data to provide an instant view of the relative importance of various aspects of Blackjack. From this we can see more clearly areas of exploitation and also the reasons that many card counters don't make it.

An online form was selected for this book because full color books are expensive, it makes for an easy reference, and it is trivial to modify and extend. BlackjackinColor is a living document — suggestions for changes and additions are welcome at Suggestions.

Since later pages build on information and explanations in earlier pages, the easiest method of understanding this site is to start with the first page and use the Next buttons to travel to the end. Alternatively the index can be used below:

Acknowledgment: Many thanks to Don Schlesinger for cleaning up my atrocious use of the Queen's English.

1. Basic Strategy

2. Data by Count

3. Data by Depth

4. Data by Penetration (SCORE Charts)

5. Error Data

6. Cover Data

7. Variance and Volatility Data

8. Bankrolls, Goals, Risk Data

9. Optimal Betting Data

10. Effects on Other Players

11. Unusual Effects and Miscellaneous Data

12. Side Bet Data

13. Peeking Data

14. Voodoo Charts

15. Blackjack Shuffle Tracking Charts

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